Distal Humerus Plates 2.8


  • Medial plate with recess to protect the ulnar nerve
  • Decreasing plate thickness at the plate end
  • Concave plate
  • Increased stability at the level of the fracture zone
  • Oblong hole for pre-fixation (2.8 mm cortical screw)
  • Compression hole
  • Screw holes for 2.8 mm TriLock locking or cortical screws
  • 1.8 mm K-wire holes

Color Code

Orange: APTUS 2.8

Clinical benefits

  1. Anatomic plate design supports fracture reduction    
  2. Insertion of transcondylar TriLock locking screws in the distal condylar bone 
  3. Medial, lateral and posterolateral plate designs allow both 90° and 180° double plate configuration              
  4. Low profile plates for maximum soft tissue protection Plates can be contoured to address anatomic variations 
  5. Numerous intra-operative fixation options to address complex fractures due to a large number of screw holes
  6. No lateral protrusion of the medial plate                       
  7. Protection of the ulnar nerve with the medial plate     
  8. Reduces lateral soft tissue dissection proximally with the lateral plate
  9. Good incorporation of distal fragments of the Capitulum by the posterolateral plate                             
  10. Attachment of transcondylar screws with the posterolateral plate via a lateral flap                               
  11. Reduction in plate thickness at the proximal end reduces the peak stresses in the humerus shaft     
  12. Easy to use system thanks to uniform screw dimension of 2.8 mm








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